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White Dave – In Living Color

Noah David Coogler, known professionally as White Dave, is an American rapper, record producer, and actor. His song “Nervous” is featured in Black Panther. His new EP In Living Color features White Dave flowing over an assortment of bass-driven as well melodic beats. He’s from Richmond, CA, but his music doesn’t sound like anything else […]

Gucci Primetime – With Love EP

Here Is The CRAZY Dope New EP From The San Francisco Artist Gucci Primetime as he presents “With Love”. The Cali strong-arm artist is looking to be next up. Check out the DOPE new EP, and tell us what you think. Additional Streaming Services: http://hyperurl.co/WITHLOVEPT Social Network Links. https://www.instagram.com/gucciprimetime/ https://soundcloud.com/gucciprimetime https://spotify:artist:6PMAJAOnMXCJ50KM3LMxdx Location San Francisco, CA […]

Jarradcleofé – Be There 4 U

The San Fran Native Is Looking To “Be There 4 U” With This New Project. He’s Hoping You Can Hear And Feel The Enjoyment And Emotion It Took To Make This Album. Listen And Tell Us What You Think… Social Network Links. soundcloud.com/jarradcleofe instagram.com/jarradcleofe Location San Francisco Related posts: No related posts.

8BitJ’s Stardust Is The Concept Album You NEED To Hear

California masked rapper 8BitJ holds back nothing when it comes to ambition with Stardust as he enters into his inner Marin Scorsese. In Stardust the album starts with a more upbeat vibe and slowly spirals into the depression finish, along the way hearing skits that help you understand the story a lot more clearly. The […]

Fbyzantm – Bone Nest

Bone Nest is revealing some teasers from the upcoming self titled album. Bone Nest is an artist and producer from San Francisco, California. Influenced by sounds from hip hop and R&B to indie and psychedelic rock, Bone Nest dips in and out of many genres with ease, mixing them painstakingly in his cauldron so that […]

S.K.T.B. – $16,000 Rap Challenge #forthemamas

Do you have what it takes, to take home $16,000 for 16 Barz? If you think you have what it takes, 16 Barz for $16,000… That’s $1,000 a Bar…. Just simply go to www.forthemamaschallenge.com Pay only $10.00 for the entry fee and check out the rules of the challenge. It’s that simple. Check out the […]

SOFI Beats N Beauty – Don’t Touch Me

BeatsnBeauty #musicvideo for #donttouchme is finally out in all its glory. This was a challenging and fun project but, the message is obviously serious. she’s proud of how it turned out to be. In our modern world we can not be silent spectators anymore while a half of the women in this world are being abused, […]

Julio Price – Summer Craze

Check out New Music! Julio Price – Summer Craze Take a COOL ride on a HOT Summer day to the function with Julio Price. Pre-Drink a little cause once we get there its gone be LIT. That’s That SUMMER CRAZE. Social Network Links. https://www.instagram.com/julioprice/ Location San Francisco, California Related posts: No related posts.

Wreck The Rebel – Marbles

Often times when people start acting in a strange way we say, “Damn, they lost their marbles..” Sometimes such can be the case even when we ourselves realize how far we veered off course.. Wreck The Rebel hits us with the visuals for “Marbles”, a tongue-twisting introspective trip into the mind of the west-coast wunderkind. […]

Rymeezee – BOURNE BAD

Latest project by SF’s very own Rymeezee entitled “Bourne BAD (Building A Dream).”This project represents the upbringing, growth, & grind. This project is backed up by the dynamic bay area production of DJ Rod Roc, Digital Martyrs, & Clap Nation. Rymeezee appeared / performed up & down CA, NV, Mexico, Chicago, New Orleans, Hawaii. In […]