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J.T. Hiskey Shows Off His Country Side With New Single ‘Lets Ride’

J.T. Hiskey is back to show off his brand new country style with a new music video for his song Lets Ride. Hiskey, who is a musician born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah is back with a new style that no one has seen before. With a brand new mixture of both country […]

Bobby Brando | Gay? Bi?

No one is exactly sure with this new hip hop artist who happens to be creating a buzz fairly fast. Bobby Brando is a new hip hip artists who just popped on the scene after his last EP Shade Vol. 1 released on Soundcloud. Based on his social media everyone thought Bobby Brando was just […]

Cambow – Batista

A song about what I really think about a few things going on in hip hop. The current state of hip hop is irritating &I can’t even understand what half of these guys are talking about. I don’t wanna hear that! I give you all a thumbs down! Social Network Links. twitter.com/kidcambow instagram.com/kidcambow soundcloud.com/cambow dontesoulpepper.tumblr.com […]