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New Music: Nu Davinci – Let it Dry Featuring Quavo | @NuDavinci206

New Music: Nu Davinci – Let it Dry Featuring Quavo Bradley Jacob, the CEO of XPO Logistics once said “Music is really business…You have to be using all of your senses at the same time, and you have to be dancing with the circumstances and evolving”. Nu Davinci is has been living the latter quote for the […]

Quavo Names His Top 6 MCs of All-Time – One of Them Is Quavo

If confidence is king, per Migos‘ brand new Rolling Stone cover, there’s no shortage of confidence for the “three kings of hip-hop.” Ahead of their highly anticipated third studio album, Culture II, arriving this Friday, January 26, the Migos spent a night out with Rolling Stone’s Touré, discussing everything from their writing process (the key: not actually writing anything) to the importance of […]

Quavo Loses Track of Hard Drive With ‘Culture 2’ on It

Fans have been clamoring for Culture 2 since Migos dropped their platinum-selling Culture album earlier this year. From the looks of things, they’ll be clamoring for a good bit longer, too. Quavo was preparing to play some music during a routine Instagram Live session recently when he revealed that he lost the hard drive containing the tracks from the forthcoming album. In a video […]