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Potent P & Dj 33 UK – Superstition

“Superstition is three minutes and thirty five seconds of aggressive hip hop.”, says Potent P about his latest single, which was recorded in his home New Jersey in collaboration with UK based producer DJ UK 33. Related posts: Jersey J’s Must Be Nice, High EP

Dj 33 UK Feat. Potent P – Sunset

“Sunset was written shortly after the death of my brother. Who was taken from us at the early age of 17. I had hit rock bottom and was in the darkest place in my life at the time. For me it was impossible to cope with his death. Which led to me contemplating taking my […]

Potent P – Cadillac Joe

Over a year in the making, Potent P’s “Cadillac Joe” features 20 new tracks with over 10 different producers from around the world. The concept for the album came from a nick name given to Potent P by his father, after he got his first Cadillac. “Cadillac Joe” showcases diversity, dedication and is a true […]