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Young Thug Claps Back At People Questioning His Sexuality

Young Thug is sick of haters calling him gay. When you’re into fashion as much as Young Thug or Lil Uzi Vert, there are bound to be a few people questioning your sexuality. The way society currently functions, an adventurous sense of style equates homosexuality in the minds of many, leaving some afraid to explore the depths of their […]

R. Kelly Insists It’s Too Late for People to Silence Him

Last week, footage of R. Kelly making a toast with friends made its way to Twitter. The video features the singer saying it’s too late for people to silence him, but according to his team, the comments were directed at brands like Spotify, not his accusers. In the clip, which features former NBA player Antoine Walker, Kelly […]

G-Field Writes Letter from Prison to His People

I’m currently serving a two year prison term for felonious assault, weapons charges, and drug possession. Never have I been the one to glorify violence, However, I did plead guilty during the third day of my trial simply because I was not willing to gamble with a total of 22 years that I could have […]

People Are Awesome (2012 – 2013)

Not all of the clips in “People Are Awesome (2012 – 2013)” were actually that awesome, but the ones that were, are a good reminder of what you can achieve in life when you’re not put off by fear. Related posts: No related posts.