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Hunger Games Parody [The Hungover Games]

A Hunger Games parody as trailer for new movie Hungover Games. Plot: The sunshine is beautiful yet cruel for Katpiss and Wheeta as they participate in the Hungover Games. It will take more than aspirin to survive. Related posts: No related posts.

Crew54 – Labor (Office Space Parody)

“Labor” is the first video for Crew54 off he upcoming Wild Gentlemen project produced by Dichter2 Productions. If the movie Office Space is considered a “cult classic” then consider us apart of that cult. When the idea of having a video that would contrast with the hard aggressive style of the track came into play, […]

Fresh Pup Of Bel-Air [Parody]

“In West Philadelphia born and raised” is part of one of the most iconic theme songs in television history. In hopes to raise more awareness for pet adoption, The Pet Collective, put their own spin on Will Smith’s lyrics. For their parody video, the group even pulled in James L. Avery aka Uncle Phil! Related […]