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A Posture of Heart: Message from The Wishman

A Posture of Heart: Message from The Wishman A Posture of Heart invokes essences of jazz, hip-hop, and pop-punk, marrying them into a psychedelic symphony. Erupting with soul-hitting lyrics from a melodic piano and guitar duet is the perfect thesis to introduce this album. “Waking Up” prods the listener to expand their connection to self […]

Papi Versace’s – Vince Carter Delivers Strong Message to the Youths

Papi Versace’s classic composition “Vince Carter” continues to be on the top on SoundCloud. Produced by BeatStars the track truly delivers a significant message. Every music piece is an outcome of inspiration and experience. There is a motive behind the art piece of a composer no matter it is a vibrant genre like hip hop […]

Cal Harkless Presents “The Unlovable EP”

Oklahoma City artist Cal Harkless presents “The Unlovable EP”. Cal delivers a trap sound, with a hint of r&b/soul to it. I’m curious to see how he’ll follow up this project. It’s a classic! Social Network Links. Twitter: @Cal_Harkless Location Oklahoma City Related posts: No related posts.

Who’s Lil Frizzy Fresh??

Who’s Lil Frizzy Fresh?? A full time Artist from OKC makes his own beats, records his own records, and takes his own Photos, A all around Artist and entrepreneur. “OKC NUMBER 1 Hustler”. open.spotify.com/album/4Uj620C8… itun.es/us/iGPlr us.napster.com/artist/frizzy/… amazon.com/Avocado-Explic… play.google.com/store/music/al… Social Network Links. Twitter, IG SoundCloud @lilfrizzyfresh Snapchat frizzyokc Oklahoma City Related posts: No related posts.

Oklahoma City Cop Who Raped 13 Black Women Cries Like A Baby During Sentencing

A former Oklahoma City police officer was convicted Thursday of raping and sexually victimizing eight women on his police beat in a minority, low-income neighborhood. Daniel Holtzclaw, who turned 29 Thursday, sobbed as the verdict was read aloud. Jurors convicted him on 18 counts involving eight of the 13 women who had accused him; the […]

Jabee Freestyles on “Sway In The Morning”

Emmy award-winning Oklahoma City rapper Jabee presents the video of his recent freestyle on Sway In The Morning. Jabee was invited on Thursday afternoon and was in NYC that night. Freestyling here alongside rapper Joe Parker over beats by The Mekanics, Jabee recently won an Emmy for his writing and performance in a commercial for […]

MONK – Bluffcreek

BLUFFCREEK brought to you by Oklahoma City Artist “MONK” has been a big hit for the young rapper. It being his first mixtape has given him alot of support from many people in Oklahoma. Being one of the most lyrical indie rappers in OKC has bridged him apart from all of the other rappers. This […]

WeRdoZe – iWeiRd

The WeRdoZe have returned with their 4th installment. iWeiRd has been critically acclaimed for years in advance. The future is explained in each song, and interestingly things have been getting a little weird now that you think about it. Listen carefully right now, this duo knows music regardless of their age and are extremely talented. […]

Jabee – Dreams

Oklahoma City rapper Jabee presents the 1984 Studios-directed music video for “Dreams”, the Cadence-produced single from his new album Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt, out now featuring production from El-P and Halo as well as features from Taylor McKenzie, Sean C. Johnson, Frank Black, Doughbreezy, Carlitta Durand, Cameron Neal and Cali rapper Murs, who […]