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Dope Hitz The Top-10

Dope Hitz Ranked in Top-10 The New Jersey based independent hip hop label Dope Hitz Entertainment, has now established itself as one one of the top independent labels on the east coast. Complex Magazine ranked Dope Hitz at #8 out of the Top 10 Fastest Rising indie hip hop labels. Quincy Dominic, Founder of the […]

Ria Adams – Lucy

“Dope Hitz Entertainment Quickly Becoming An Independent Powerhouse.” The New Jersey based indie hip hop label Dope Hitz Entertainment, has quickly become one of the hottest independent labels in the northeast over the past 2 years. 25 year old Ria Adams, the Canadian born pop singer, instantly put Dope Hitz Entertainment on the map when […]

“The Truth is Never Wrong.” SoulScape the lead single off of the upcoming project called “The Complexity.”

Soulscape is a reflection of a thought, a process of information and an explanation of visceral dynamics. The integrity of this life, a see-through of the experienced but often times unexplained or not often uttered.Through some of the most tumultuous times in life, a gem is discovered within the noise. Sometimes in life you must […]