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Ateo Feo – Occupy

Ateo Feo Will F**k Your Mother In the A**! Ateo Feo will Occupy Wall Street and then Occupy your mom’s vagina. He has nothing to lose. A life of drugs, crime, poverty, and redemption have taught Ateo that life is short and pointless. Make sure you smoke lots of weed and fuck lots of whores […]

Mother Of Kalief Browder (Man Who Commited Suicide After Spending 3 Years In Rikers Island Jail) Speaks Out

The mother of Kalief Browder, Venida Browder, is speaking out against what she said was the systemic failure of the United States justice system to protect her son, who committed suicide at her home earlier this month after a long period of incarceration at New York’s Rikers Island Correctional Facility. Source: Mother Of Kalief Browder […]