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Rising Star K1D Drops “Midnight” With Jazz Maeson

Rising star K1D is back with another dope tune, “Midnight” featuring Jazz Maeson is a velvety smooth tone with crisp 808s that showcase the talents rich sound. Out now through Sony Music and in K1D’s own words, ‘Midnight’ is “a song to get in to the summer spirit, it’s about meeting a girl and changing […]

Three Short Films Not To Be Missed – 36 Questions That Lead To Love, Love In Between And Midnight

Three Short Films not to be missed- “36 Questions that lead to love”, “Love in Between” and “Midnight” Three amazing short films have just been released and they are phenomenal. The first one is a short film entitled 36 Questions That Lead to Love. This one is inspired by the New York Times article “36 […]