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Cracka Lack Feat. Flint Po, MOE & Stay True Red – Told Em Showed Em

Music Producer Cracka Lack puts Lansing Artist Flint Po, MOE & Stay True Red all together on a Cracka Lack beat to bring you “Told Em Showed Em”. Video was Directed, Filmed & Edited by Cracka Lack. Social Network Links. http://www.facebook.com/CrackaLackBeats http://www.twitter.com/CrackaLack http://www.instagram.com/Cracka_Lack Location Lansing, MI Related posts: No related posts.

EaseTheVillain The Rising Of A Indie Hip-Hop/Rock Artist.

Green Daze is a Unique Sound that is something many can’t understand off rip, everyone goes through the feeling of using drugs or “weed” to uplift themselves. what I’ve done in the song is basically express a normal day in the mind of a young adult. i wake up i smoke, I work, i chill […]

(SpittaMafia) RomeJr. – The Entrance/SLAU

Here Is A New Video From The Young Guy From Detroit, (SpittaMafia) RomeJr. – The Entrance/SLAU. Listen To Him As He Is Spitting On The Classic Track From Cam’ron “Oh Boy”. https://youtu.be/hzmFMPieD4I Social Network Links. Twitter: @SpittaMafia Snapchat: rome30 Instagram: rome.junior1 Detroit, MI Related posts: No related posts.