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Mellah Nix Presentzz… STOKT UP Prod. @pendo_46

This is the newest single off the latest mixtape K1NG HYENA…this body of work assists in my redirection of frustration and anger pushing me through pressure unto my kingship… Hyenas are my favorite animal the mixtape will be released on JULY 7TH. hizz noo single off of the K1NG HYENA MXTPE HOSTED @THIRSTINHOWLTHE3RD Additional Media: […]

King Mushu, The Fire Spitting Dragon

Tony Anhtuan “King Mushu” Mai is of African American and Asian descent. He is thefounder and CEO of Under Ground Paradise Records where he contributes as an artist aswell as director for his own personal ambitions while also helping other artists pursue theirdreams. He was born on May 30th, 1991 in Vancouver, MA. Born under […]

Larry Brock – Somebody

Soulful yet effortless flow. Hard-hitting modern rhythms. And unmatchable hip-hop energy. Larry Brock is an emerging rap artist currently making global moves with his own style of charisma-dripped trap music. Larry’s not in it for the money and fame. He endeavors for all of his music is therapeutic for his listeners. Guided by a strong […]

.M.E.N.A.C.E. To Society

Upcoming artist .M.E.N.A.C.E., hailing from Baltimore, MD dropped his debut EP “Numb”. A 7 track project that takes you on a quick glance of growing up in the trenches of Baltimore City. .M.E.N.A.C.E. tells vivid stories and also give life lessons without being preachy. Numb gives you vast emotions of revenge on tracks like “Real”, […]

JaneliaSoul – Love-Hate

With her multi-cultural background and unique approach to music, Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, and band, JaneliaSoul, set out to charm listeners with her soulful take on the reggae and world genres. Echoing artists as diverse as Sade, Etta James or Ziggy Marley, just to mention but a few. Check out her most recent release “Love-Hate” Social […]

Nehemiah Feat. JC – Fight No More

Check out the new album from Nehemiah 2:5 and his latest music video for his new single “Fight No More” Nehemiah 2:5 has dropped his new album LUCID and the music video for his track “Fight No More.”Following the release of leader Rap Monster’s “RM” mixtape and J-Hope’s “1 Verse” last year, Nehemiah 2:5 has […]