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Medical Marijuana Hip-Hop Tribute Track

At a time our political landscape is as volatile as a “California Earthquake”, Djai Greenleaf delivers a mellow heart felt track entitled “Heavily Medicated”. Produced by “Hitman” of NuttyBoy Entertainment, this Michael Jackson inspired track will quickly have your head knocking as Djai Greenleaf rips up the track with poetical ease. Unlike Djai’s street banger […]

Morgan Freeman Defends Marijuana Use, Supports Legalization

Morgan Freeman shoots down opposition to marijuana legalization Morgan Freeman is one of the most dynamic personas in Hollywood, and he may have just reached a new level of interesting, if that was even at all possible. The man who could probably narrate a snail’s daily regiment and make it interesting has defended his own […]

Miley Cyrus Lights Up On Stage

Miley Cyrus hasn’t exactly been secret about her love for marijuana and now she’s taking it to a new level. While accepting an award at the EMA’s, Miley was spotted lighting up! Related posts: Viral Instagram Videos Attracting Unwanted Attention!