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Lil Scrappy Feat. Chinkie Brown – Love and Hip Hop

Chinkie Brown assists fellow S-Line Management signee Lil Scrappy on the record “Love and Hip Hop”. The track of the same name as the hit reality show Scrappy stars in features Chinkie Brown’s smooth melodic vocals alongside Scrappy’s edgy wordplay. Edgar Steves directs the 20’s jazz inspired visual. Related posts: No related posts.

Lil Scrappy Gets Arrested At Gas Station

Lil Scrappy was arrested in Georgia early this morning, after getting into a fight at a gas station with a man he says disrespected his girlfriend. He was released after a short time and believes he’ll be cleared of any wrong-doing because he wasn’t the aggressor. Related posts: No related posts.

Pregnacies, Love Triangles, New And Returning Cast Members – Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta season 2 is about to get too real! From the looks of it Stevie J has not changed one bit, still playing with the hearts of two women who believe themselves to be his ride or die. His female artist big booty Chavante Che’ Mack has also been added as an […]

Diamond Speaks About ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Controversy

While Diamond doesn’t appear on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” the Best Female Hip Hop Artist BET Award nominee sure gets her name thrown around a lot on the show. Lil Scrappy has openly talked about how Diamond broke his heart, and his overprotective mother Momma Dee has also had some disparaging remarks. “I […]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Petitioned After First Episode

Saying that the first episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” was eventful would be an understatement. Even after the drama-filled episode aired, one of the season’s new characters Joseline Hernandez took to Twitter to tweet a naked photo of herself, further fueling backlash against the show. The YBF reports that a petition has already […]

Lil Scrappy Got Stabbed With His Own Knife

MediaTakeOut.com just learned that rapper Lil Scrappy is in the hospital . . . recovering from two SERIOUS stab wounds to his chest. Scrappy is also in the CUSTODY of the DeKalb county POLICE. Here’s what happened . . . according to the streets. Word is that Lil Scrappy’s sister got into an ALTERCATION with […]