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Davv-O Stacks – CiTGO Remix (Let you Know)

Dope new music from Davv-O Stacks – CiTGO Remix (Let you Know) check it out as he comes hard with this joint. https://soundcloud.com/davin-junior https://www.facebook.com/davin.junior.1 https://twitter.com/Ya_Girl_Is_Hit https://instagram.com/yungfleeguyzer/ Bronx, NY Kinston, NC Related posts: No related posts.

Tymepeace Feat. Wio-K – Let You Know

In “Let You Know”, Tymepeace and their cohort, Wio-K, go off the rails, crash through the barrier, run over that old lady from ‘Faces of Death’, and then burst into flames. It all takes place over a syncopated bass line, piercing drums, and definitive cuts that constantly remind you of what just happened. Check out […]