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Carmelo Anthony Has No Plans Of Going To The Lakers

Rumors are swirling that Carmelo Anthony will be switching coasts and joining the Lakers, but he doesn’t seem to think so. When asked by paparazzi last night, the NY Knicks star replied “I doubt it,” and also said that he and LeBron are NOT plotting to join a team together, despite reports. Unfortunately your browser […]

Kobe Bryant Sues Mother

Happy Mother’s Day Mama Bryant! Rather than having a boquet of flowers sent to the houe, or being treated to a day of relaxation at a luxerious spa and being treated to fine dining, Kobe allegedly hits his mother with a lawsuit. The lawsuit states that his mother Pam Bryant stole his property. Property, being […]

Ice Cube Says The Atlanta Hawks Are Cheaters

Ice Cube thinks Atlanta Hawks player Dahntay Jones hurt Kobe Bryant on purpose during their game last week against the Lakers. “It’s kinda whack when you gotta cheat to win,” Cube told TMZ. “But [Kobe’s] a champ, he’ll come back. That ankle will be strong.” Related posts: FERRÆDAY OF ROACHCREW RELEASES NEW LYRIC VIDEO. IS […]