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Hot Boys – We On Fire

“We On Fire” is a single from Hot Boys’ albums Get It How U Live!, and Guerrilla Warfare. The songs are in the form of continued questions starting with “What kind of nigga…” (In the edited version, it’s “What kind of boy…”). In the original song on Get It How U Live, Juvenile asks the […]

Mannie Fresh Speaks On Hot Boys Reunion

Mannie Fresh is working on a ton of new projects, including production on a Wiz Khalifa album. Mannie confirms that he is just “tweekin” a few songs on a Yasmin Bey (Mos Def) album that we should be hearing soon. Fresh also said that the Hot Boys are working on paperwork for a reunion! Related […]

Turk – It’s Hot

2 Chainz, Mannie Fresh, and more join Turk in his latest Alex Acosta directed video. Turk was also joined by former Hot Boyz members Lil Wayne and Juvenile. It’s great to see Wayne, Juvi, and Turk together again, I just wish BG could have been there as well, but he’s currently serving a prison term. […]

2 Chainz – Used 2

For his latest Marc Klasfeld directed video, 2 Chainz heads to the 7th Ward of New Orleans. Tity and the rest of the block-party goers are joined by Mannie Fresh, who produced “Used 2,” as well as Lil Wayne, Turk, and Juvenile. Related posts: No related posts.

Former “Hot Boy” Tab Virgil Jr AKA “Turk” Released From Prison After 9 Years

Former “Hot Boy” Turk was released from Forrest City Prison Oct 12th after severing a nine year sentence for pleading guilty to one of the shootings involving a officer along with other charges. Now after being released he is reportedly writing a book calledThe AutoThugography of Turk and recording new music. He also has a screenplay, Reckless, […]

B.G., Ex-Hot Boys Rapper, Gets 14 Years in Prison

Prosecutors also tried to link the former Cash Money rapper to two notorious local criminals. The link was allegedly provided by B.G. himself, in his own rap lyrics. In 2009, the then-29-year-old rapper also known as Baby Gangsta was arrested along with two other men in a stolen car, reports Vibe. Police searched the vehicle […]