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AfterPxrty- 99 Problems

“99 Problems ” from upcoming new project “No Rest for the Wicked” that was inspired by Clipse Hell Hath No Fury album. Social Media Networking: www.twitter.com/JustAfterPxrty www.instagram.com/superpxrtyrecords Location Grand Rapids, Michigan Related posts: No related posts.

AfterPxrty – Flight to Tennesse

Please check out Flight to Tennesse off AfterPxrty’s new project “East Grand Rapids Yacht Club” available now on Apple Music https://itun.es/us/c9C1eb Social Network Links. www.twitter.com/JustAfterPxrty Location Grand Rapids, Michigan Related posts: No related posts.

Michael Nobody’s First Single ‘Rock Wit You”

Michael Nobodys’ single ‘Rock Wit You’ gives you the Post Malone vibe on the hook but the classic RnB feel on the verses. Michael Nobody takes an old school method in reaching a young lady not by DM, but rather asking for her number so they can “Kick it this weekend.” Social Network Links. twitter.com/michaelnobody_ […]

AfterPxrty – Hope/Malibu, California

DOPE New Single From AfterPxrty Artist/Producer From Grand Rapids, Michigan Called “Hope/Malibu, California” It’s Two Songs Together And The First Song Is About Being Stuck On Someone And Wishing Them The Best But That Best Being You And The Second Part Mailbu, California Is A Play Off The Car. Twitter: www.twitter.com/AfterPxrty10000 Grand Rapids, MI Related […]

AfterPxrty – Bow Your Head

AfterPxrty the Producer/Artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Has a DOPE new song “Bow Your Head”. It has a dark beat and is a track that shows his lyrical ability. Its his first new song post from his project “Parade” that dropped in May. https://soundcloud.com/apxza/bow-your-head Twitter: www.twitter.com/APXZA Grand Rapids, MI Related posts: No related posts.

AfterPxrty – High Fives and Low Lives

It’s a new track that reads like a Wu Tang Clan track with a indie rock backing, shooting out advice on how we are living here for the wrong reasons. It’s not preachy, but more a unique way to shed light onto a topic that has been talked and written about since the beginning of […]

AfterPxrty – Mac Plus

Checkout The New Track Off His Upcoming Project Called “Parade”. Dropping May 19, 2015, Preorder Available Now On itunes! https://soundcloud.com/ricky-valiente/mac-plus Twitter: www.twitter.com/APXZA Related posts: No related posts.

AfterPxrty – Die For Y……

Checkout the DOPE new track about imperfect love and how even though a person isn’t perfect they’re still the one you choose to deal with and experience love and pain with from his upcoming project “Parade” dropping on 5/19/2015. The EP is available on itunes, Google Play, and spotify. Related posts: No related posts.