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Good Game – Thee Goodie Bag

Thee official ClevelandGood mixtape of Fall 2013. A compilation of singles, collabs, and features blended by DJ Rick Flare. From double-tracked songs to various lenghthy, one-versed selections; this bag of Goods comes post Potent Poetry which GoodGame released April 2013. Inspired by new productions, summer travels, and hard work as always. Not only is this […]

Good Game – Potent Poetry: The Indicas & Sativas

Potent Poetry is an introductory concept-based album released free by GoodGame. Reaching out to his Cloud Nin9 inner circle, J. Ab, Shak Diesel, and Magic, Good was privileged to bundle a compilation of title tracks into a 48 minute Long Play. From Earth, Wind and Fire samples – “Cerebral Strains and Greener Pastures” to uncut […]