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Flavor Flav Was A Guest On The Eric Andre Show & Everything Was Ridiculous

Getting invited to The Eric Andre Show could be the best or worst experience ever, but watching everything unfold is absolutely hilarious. From Thundercat awkwardly battling a robot Hannibal Buress, to T.I’s uncomfortable interview, to the Rapper Warrior Ninja obstacle course, nothing — seriously, nothing — is off limits on the show. So, naturally, when […]

Public Enemy’s Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

It will take more than a nation of millions to hold Public Enemy back. When Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Terminator X and the rest of PE embarked on their rap mission in 1987, they were musical underdogs, with a politically charged message rooted in a genre that many thought just to be a fad. Now, […]

Flava Flav Arrested On Misdemeanor Battery And Felony Assault

William Jonathan Drayton Jr, 53,  better known for his stage name “Flavor Flav” was arrested Wednesday morning  at 3:30am his home in Las Vegas after being accused of throwing his fiancee’ to the ground twice and chasing and threatening her 17-year old son with two knives after a argument about Flav possibly cheating. Elizabeth Trujillo, 39, told […]