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Pay Attention Black Milk has made a name of himself as both producer and MC for quite some time. Today, he keeps the frenzy moving with his 7th solo LP, Fever. Whether you “Laugh Now Cry Later” or caught up in “True Lies“, follow Black Milk on his next journey with these 12 tracks. Related posts: No related posts.

Justo Ontario – Fever

Justo Ontario has a voice that’s both strong and vulnerable. His low croon glides over top of every track, leaving every listener with a deeply embedded feeling of satisfaction. This combined with mellow beats & easy transitions, easily give’s Justo the ability to reach everyone from the [anti-mainstream music] coffee-shop hipsters to the radio programmed […]

P.I.L.L.S. – Fever

P.I.L.L.S. brings you the first single off his album “Kahlo Rivera” entitled “Fever”, as a free download. Kahlo Rivera is P.I.L.L.S’ take on a style that was born through two of Mexico’s most inspirational and controversial arts of its time. Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s arts were both those things. Frida being very personal, colorful, […]