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EsZ ( Erron’s Attic ) – UpInTheClouds

UpInTheClouds, the new GTA5/online inspired track by EsZ ( Erron’s Attic ) came out early this week and hits it’s target like Michael’s AP pistol in focus mode. Pardon the GTA reference, which this track is full of and relatable to both gamers and non gamers . Telling a story from the point of view […]

EsZ – Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram)

Brooklyn’s hottest musical genius, EsZ, has released a new single, “Maybe I’m Trippin” and brings his smooth flavors to the music industry. A reflective track with lyrics that reminisce the vintage styles of artists from the past decades with a flare for the progressive direction that the hip hop movement is making. EsZ is a […]

EsZ (Erron’s Attic) – Maybe I’m Trippin (Seen U On Da Gram)

Holding no bars, EsZ removes the filters and sharpens the lens with bold metaphors and sultry musings, asking the question, “maybe I’m trippin”? As a smooth, laid-back beat fills the track, the NY artist delivers a chilled-out flow welcoming listeners into his thoughts. Distorted vocals give way to a dreamy instrumentals as EsZ enters what […]