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DJ Dave Dolla Presents: Best Of Aaliyah

After recent backlash on Lifetime’s biopic of Aaliyah, it all seems that we have forgotten what they we’re trying to do, which was pay respect to one of the queens of R&B. The biopic Lifetime of “Aaliyah: The princess of R&B” was the 2nd highest rated movie premiere on cable all year. Now its time […]

DJ Dave Dolla Presents: Indypendence Day

The day has finally arrived that we’ve all been waiting for. National Indypendence Day! This day now stands with DJ Dave Dolla, and to start it off, he’s put together a dope mixtape featuring some of the most talented Indy artists from all over the country. The tape is comprised of both released and unpremiered […]

DJ Dave Dolla – Best Of Lil Wayne

DJ Dave Dolla is back with a new mix. Not too long ago, one of the hardest working artists in the game had a special moment to celebrate. He goes by the name Lil Wayne. 10 years ago, the classic album “Tha Carter” was first released to the world to hear. ‘Til this day, its […]

DJ Dave Dolla – Best Of Nas: From ILLmatic To Legendary

It has really been 20 years since one of the greats, Nas, released his first album Illmatic. After all this time, Nas has remained the humble monster that he is and put out constant work that made everyone realize why he is and will always be considered one of the best to ever do it. […]

WordSmiff – Bars Over Everything II

He’s back! WordSmiff has just released his second installment in his Bars Over Everything series. The NY artist has worked hard to put together a project that perfectly embodies what the city has been missing. The mixtape features acts from the likes of Tray Pizzy, ReQ Cartier, Matty Paradise, and more! WordSmiff has teamed up […]

DJ Dave Dolla – Best Of Just Blaze

Today, January 8th, one of the biggest contributors to Hip-Hop is celebrating his birthday. Just Blaze has been in the game for a long time, giving us consistent hits after hits. Even though it’d be impossible to put all his songs in one mix, DJ Dave Dolla put together a mix with some of Blaze’s […]

DJ Dave Dolla Presents: Best Of Snoop Dogg

One of the biggest west coast artists just celebrated a feat that many artists today will never get to. Snoop Dogg’s debut album, Doggystyle, just hit its 20 year anniversary and he’s still here today honored by the new generation for his work. To commemorate him for his contribution to the hip-hop culture, DJ Dave […]

DJ Dave Dolla Presents: Best Of R. Kelly [Part 1]

One of the most prominent artists in the R&B game celebrated a big moment in his career last week. The legend, R. Kelly, hit the 20 year mark of his first solo debut album “#12Play” being released; which released November 9th 1993. To commemorate some of his work, DJ Dave Dolla put together a 2-part […]

Chulo – The BarXzam [Freestyle]

North Carolina’s own, DJ Dave Dolla, has started a freestyle series titled “The BarXzam” where he gathers artists from all different cities each month to orchestrate bars over unheard instrumentals. This month, he’s kept it local and tapped buzzing artist Chulo to be the first guest to step up to the mic. Related posts: No […]

DJ Dave Dolla Presents: The Best Of TLC

TLC was a very prominent force in the rap game in the early 90s. They were one of the best selling females groups of all time. They just recently had a documentary based on their career titled “CrazySexyCool” that detailed their life and struggles in the music industry. Bad business aside, TLC made a lot […]