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TuTxTuT The Rapper & Director is Attracting a Superlative Audience & Buzz Around His Upcoming Mixtape “Trap Miami” Releasing July 4th.

TuTxTuT, a member of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Incorporated considers himself a jack of all trades! TuT was born in Upstate New York but decided to pursue his music and film career in the heart of South Beach. He began his music career in March of 2019 and since then TuT has been an […]

Q-Tip Is The Kennedy Center’s First Artistic Director Of Hip-Hop Culture

A funny thing happened when the Kennedy Center decided to book Kendrick Lamar for a performance alongside the National Symphony Orchestra last year: tickets sold-out in a snap, journalists flocked to Washington to cover the show, first-time visitors flooded the concert hall and the gig itself went off with flying colors. It’s refreshing to hear […]