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Devine Carama – 10 Blog Commandments [VMG Approved]

“Being an older MC that fell in love with the culture during the golden era, I’ve come to grips that the game has changed. The way artists expand their reach and connect with more fans has evolved. One major change has been the Internet and hiphop blogs play a huge role in that evolution. As […]

Devine Carama – The Lost Jewels

Today, I’m surprising my fans with, The Lost Jewels, which is a “lost tapes” compilation of previously never heard unreleased tracks, songs featured on other projects, or bonus material featured on previous released limited edition projects. All tracks were recorded between 2004-2014. Lexington MC, Sheisty Khrist is the lone artist featured on the project with […]

Devine Carama Feat. JK-47 – Believing In Forever

Today, Devine Carama streaming the title track off his upcoming, Believing In Forever album via Bandcamp. Today pre-orders (digital & physical) start for the album which drops next Monday, October 27th! With the pre-order, fans get to DL “Believing In Forever” feat. JK-47 (scratching) for FREE!! “Believing In Forever” is produced by German production team […]

Devine Carama – Priory Of The Rhyme Pocket

From his upcoming Believing In Forever album. It’s a lyrical opus entitled “Priory Of The Rhyme Pocket” which begins where “Keepers Of The Boom Bap” (off my last project The Dream Walker FreEP) left off. This follows my first 2 singles “Satan Radio (66.6 FM)” & “Something More” https://soundcloud.com/devinecarama/priory-of-the-rhyme-pocket-prod-by-enter-the-cosmos Related posts: No related posts.

Devine Carama – Something More

After getting things started earlier this month with “Satan Radio”, today I’m submitting a video for “Something More” the second single off my upcoming, Believing In Forever, album. The video directed by Lexington, KY’s Unsung Hero Media. The track is produced by Sir Flywalker and as a surprise for the fans we’ve actually included a […]

Devine Carama – Satan Radio (66.6 FM)

Urban radio today is extremely unbalanced (tipping the scale in Satan’s favor in my opinion lol) and I decided to touch on it for the first official single off my upcoming album, Believing In Forever. After a couple of warm up records. Related posts: No related posts.

Devine Carama – The Bar Tactician (Interlude)

“This is just a one take interlude on the album that sets up a song called “Legends Of The Fallen Flow”. Just showcasing lyrical ability and having fun with the craft.” https://soundcloud.com/devinecarama/the-bar-tactician-interlude Related posts: No related posts.

Devine Carama – Nicest MC You Never Heard About

“Just a warm up before we get into some of the deeper cuts from the album. The concept is pretty self explanatory. I feel I’m one of the nicest MCs most people have probably never heard before. No real rhyme or reason here, just trying to prove my skill by getting busy over Starks boom […]

Devine Carama Feat. Talor Hall – A Phenomenal Woman (Maya Angelou Tribute)

a day after passing on to the other side. I actually sampled her a couple of times on my recent FreEP, The Dream Walker. She someone who has inspired not only my pen over the years but even the way that I raise my 2 daughters. She is a true inspiration and I wanted to […]