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Mega Pop Producer Bionic releases deubt single ‘Change’

Super-Artist/ Producer Bionic has spent the past decade working behind the scenes. Now, he’s finally coming to the forefront with his chilled eargasmic debut single “Change” featuring Matt Martino. “Change” is built around the evolution of a relationship based on authentic personal experiences. Moreover, it is surprising that ‘Change’ isn’t your generic pop song, although it […]

RealMusicGroup – Change (Feat. Shad B. & Mavenn)

If you have yet check out this new hit by RealMusicGroup – Change (feat. Shad B. & Mavenn). Listen to Change (feat. Shad B. & Mavenn), the latest Single from RealMusicGroup. It dropped on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017. RealMusicGroup’s future brightens with every new release, and Change (feat. Shad B. & Mavenn) isn’t an exception. […]