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Emerging Underground Artist MaccyP Drops His Latest Track “Anthem”

MaccyP releases his third single “Anthem” featuring artists Banned Socks and Malaiki. The project was his latest and greatest track of 2019, ending the year he began his Hip-Hop music career in with a bang. The song was produced and mixed by producer Papaver, who utilized the gritty sound of the underground scene from which […]

Ice Creme’s Inspiring New Future Bass Anthem “Stay Frosty”

The creative force behind the enigmatic DJ/Producer Ice Creme is back again with another future bass anthem. The song, which is appropriately called “Stay Frosty”, is as solid as the freezing snow itself. It features a soothing flow of progression with a nice melodic lead & bass that can easily get some deep feels going. […]

Kings of Crunk Minus Lil Jon Has Come Back To Reclaim Their Position In Southern Hip Hop As Kings of Crunk With The Spring Anthem “Gettem”

The Eastside Boyz have released the track “Gettem” that’s getting a lot of love and now becoming the spring anthem of Atlanta. With 264,000 streams and going, the single shows no sign of slowdown. The single features Bone Crusher, Don P and Lil LA from Trillville and has that classic sound of turnt up crunk […]

Phil The Artist Drops New Anthem “We Different” For Every Inner City Kid

As a songwriter, producer, and rapper, Phil the Artist brings a new style and sound blended from uptown and downtown New York. Having played classical piano during his formative years, his song unites classical piano and hip-hop as one. “We Different” is a sonic overview of the culture that makes kids from New York City […]

Cal El Drops The Summer Anthem “Beastin”

New Jersey rapper, Cal El — a play on Kal El [Superman’s real name] — is looking to take his (unique) brand of bouncy melodic sing-songy rap to the masses. His newest single “Beastin” is a bassy radio-ready club banger that’s sure to turn some industry heads and get his buzz up. This record, with […]

XXHAPO – Anthem

“Anthem” is track were the street and the truth collides. Even though it a freestyle. It came along nicely to make a hit. It talks about urban issues that I see. And really can’t stand. Soon as I heard the beat, the song became natural. So natural no lyrics were written. Social Network Links. https://soundcloud.com/xxhapo […]

Poe Leone Drops “Maro” A Trap Music Anthem

Poe leone is a hip-hop rapper that resides in Atlanta Georgia recently he released his new single via his management GR management on his sound cloud called “Maro.” The song is well produced and reminiscent of some of the popular coined trap music we hear on the major airways today. He has been featured on […]