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DJ Swagg – “The Southern Choice”

DJ Swagg is one of the most versatile and hottest DJ’s out of Jacksonville, Florida. Some of his specialties range from Hip Hop, R&B, House, and Pop. He is CEO of 2Fresh Entertainment Group and he has had the opportunity to DJ for Trina and Nicki Minaj to name a few. He has worked alongside […]

J-Nibb – “The Warm Up”

J-NiBB, a music artist from Piqua,Ohio which is a little town just about 20min North of Dayton, Ohio has a love for music and everything about it. He says “The feeling you get when you make another sweet song that you and all your fans love and enjoy is indescribable. Getting a new beat and […]

Alchemy Kings – “New Kings In Town”

Amarie – How long has the band been together? Alchemy Kings – 7 months give or take And whose idea was it? It was originally brought up by Esquire. After speaking with Mr. Murda, it was decided to add Adrian; a long-time collaborator and friend. Having worked together on Various previous projects, the chemistry of […]

Young Heat – “Heat’s World”

Young Heat also known as Jermaine Lovell, is an up and coming rap artist out of Dayton, Ohio. The name Young Heat was given to him by a childhood friend. After the loss of his sister, nephew, and niece in a house fire, Young Heat stays even more determined and motivated for his family and […]

G-Field – “The Hustla State of Mind”

G Field is an artist with a wide array of skills. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, G-Field doesn’t label himself as a rapper like most. He would rather be looked to as a professional businessman. He is an artist who hasn’t just dealt with music, but he has had a hand in various films,documentaries, […]