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Atlanta Meets Albany – The New Kids on the Block, Rappers “Dun and Dre”

Soundcloud rapping has become a mixed batch of good and bad. There is so much content out there nowadays that it has become difficult to find new and talented artists. Dun and Dre are an example of this hidden talent that Soundcloud has buried into the platform. Two completely different personalities collaborated on a bass-bumping […]

Gxld Releases New Mixtape “Polaroid.”

New mixtape from Gxld “Polaroid.” seemed to come out of no where, from artist out of the upstate New York area. For a debut mixtape it seems to be catching some buzz, definitely go check this out. Social Network Links. https://twitter.com/IndigoGold_ Location Albany, New York Related posts: No related posts.

Big Face Luciano Feat. Xavier White – Twenty Five Eight

A record for the masses! Twenty Five Eight provides everything we’ve been wishing for Hip Hop for a very longtime. Big Face Luciano and Xavier White compliment each other as if this track was sent from the heavens above… I wanna thank god himself for providing such fire to put on my blog/website. Everybody be […]

Kanye West Calls Himself Top 5

While performing in Albany, Kanye West made a bold proclamation: that he’s top five to ever do it. Yeezy “humbly” said that he was one of the best to ever do it before performing his “Niggas In Paris” verse. Related posts: No related posts.

DCP Tony B. Feat. Anthony 3 Brown , Ashley P – Doobie

Tony B has been able to complete 6 in-house projects (Jyke Move Vol. 1, Jyke Move Vol. 2, Under the Streets, Georgia Power Mixtape hosted by DJ Tuka G,a Legion of Doom Mixtape hosted by DJ Aaries (currently Hood Hard DJ)and most recent release Life Of A Strokeboi hosted by:Stroke Boi Mixtapez.Tony B has held […]

Ka-Flame – Future Endeavors

Ka-Flame drops his second single off his upcoming album Souvenirs From The Fire called “Future Endeavors”. This tracks is produced by Zen’Zan & IzzyOnTheTrack. Ka-Flame gives his perception of the industry and why he should be highly respected as an emcee. Souvenirs From The Fire comes out on February 4, 2014. Related posts: No related […]