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AfterPxrty- 99 Problems

“99 Problems ” from upcoming new project “No Rest for the Wicked” that was inspired by Clipse Hell Hath No Fury album. Social Media Networking: www.twitter.com/JustAfterPxrty www.instagram.com/superpxrtyrecords Location Grand Rapids, Michigan Related posts: No related posts.

AfterPxrty – Flight to Tennesse

Please check out Flight to Tennesse off AfterPxrty’s new project “East Grand Rapids Yacht Club” available now on Apple Music https://itun.es/us/c9C1eb Social Network Links. www.twitter.com/JustAfterPxrty Location Grand Rapids, Michigan Related posts: No related posts.

AfterPxrty – Home Run Derby

What’s up. This is AfterPxrty Artist/Producer from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I would like for you to check out my new song “Home Run Derby” for review. It’s a new song off my new project dropping in April called “Pxradise”. I hope you enjoy it and any feedback would be appreciated. https://soundcloud.com/apxza/home-run-derby Twitter: www.twitter.com/AfterPxrty1000 Grand […]

AfterPxrty – Hope/Malibu, California

DOPE New Single From AfterPxrty Artist/Producer From Grand Rapids, Michigan Called “Hope/Malibu, California” It’s Two Songs Together And The First Song Is About Being Stuck On Someone And Wishing Them The Best But That Best Being You And The Second Part Mailbu, California Is A Play Off The Car. Twitter: www.twitter.com/AfterPxrty10000 Grand Rapids, MI Related […]

AfterPxrty – Bow Your Head

AfterPxrty the Producer/Artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Has a DOPE new song “Bow Your Head”. It has a dark beat and is a track that shows his lyrical ability. Its his first new song post from his project “Parade” that dropped in May. https://soundcloud.com/apxza/bow-your-head Twitter: www.twitter.com/APXZA Grand Rapids, MI Related posts: No related posts.

AfterPxrty – High Fives and Low Lives

It’s a new track that reads like a Wu Tang Clan track with a indie rock backing, shooting out advice on how we are living here for the wrong reasons. It’s not preachy, but more a unique way to shed light onto a topic that has been talked and written about since the beginning of […]