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Afrika Bambaataa Denies Sexual Abuse Allegations

WOW… Afrika Bambaataa Denies Sexual Abuse Allegations! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj0awJOH6Nk Related posts: FERRÆDAY OF ROACHCREW RELEASES NEW LYRIC VIDEO. IS HE THE NEXT RAP SUPERSTAR? Viral Instagram Videos Attracting Unwanted Attention! Calvin West’s Lyric Video Production Studio MDN EA : ON THE RISE 2020 TAKEOVER (EXCLUSIVE)

Hip Hop Documentary (1994) Feat. Ice Cube, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Chuck D & More

The “Looking For The Perfect Beat” Hip Hop Documentary aired in 1994 on select TV stations throughout the US and some other countries. Cast includes: Melle Mel, Chuck D, Grandmaster Flash, Ice Cube, Afrika Bambaataa, KRS-One, Afrika Islam ,Speech (of Arrested Development), Gil Scott-Heron, Rock Steady Crew & More. Grandmaster Melle Mel marks transitions through […]