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Ellinor Taflin Making Sweden Proud!

ELLINOR TAFLIN MAKING SWEDEN PROUD! The Swedes are coming! The Swedes are coming! Yes, the Swedes are already here and her name is Ellinor Taflin. She’s actually been here for a while and you would never imagine that she is from that wonderful northern country with the pretty blue and yellow flag. It’s not that […]

Proving That Hard Work Pays Off, Actor David Castleford

PROVING THAT HARD WORK PAYS OFF, ACTOR DAVID CASTLEFORD “You have to prove yourself in the arena,” says David Castleford. He, of course, means the acting arena and the arena of theatre and film work. He knows what he’s talking about, too, he’s had to prove himself in the arena over and over. His other […]

The Multi-Talented Isabella Charlton

The multi-talented Isabella Charlton Isabella Charlton is a performing powerhouse, and with projects both on screen and off, is proving herself to be multi-talented. Thanks to her Hong Kong childhood, she speaks fluent Mandarin, and she has already starred in Chinese theater projects, including Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Grand National Theatre in Beijing, as well […]