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Malachi The Artist – 5PM in Greensboro (Drake – 4PM in Calabasas Remix)

Listen to 5PM in Greensboro (Drake – 4PM in Calabasas Remix) by Malachi The Artist A cover of the summer hit “4PM in Calabasas” by Drake. Remixed for the great city of Greensboro, NC. The track consists of clever word play and hard hitting double entendres. Social Network Links. Twitter: Twitter.com/whosmalachi SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/malachitheartist Location Greensboro, […]

Did Lil’ Mama Take A Shot At Nicki Minaj On “4PM In Calabasas” Freestyle?

Nicki often refers to others as her sons especially others in the rap game, so many took Lil’ Mama’s lyrics to be a response. Nicki can be a pretty shady one, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she responds to Lil’ Mama in some way. Do you think Lil’ Mama was talking to Nicki, or […]