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Strata – #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

Strata – #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter

In 2012, Strata was almost killed when shot in the back by a Tempe Police Officer while running away with a cell phone in his hand. They arrested him and he fought his case in Maricopa County Jail for 3 YEARS before finally given the chance to bond out on 275k.

Now, with a second chance at life, he has developed his music into his own unique sound. He feels this is the best way to speak out against this epidemic and honor those not given the same privilege of life after brutality. #BlackLivesMatter is the chance to non violently say enough is enough. “Human life values at the same #AllLivesMatter”, Strata told us in a follow up interview, and It’s time to take a powerful stand, and hopefully end the slaughter of American people.

You can expect the unexpected from Strata. Hard lyrics over a soulful beat, or his own r&b twist, Club Bangers, EDM, his catalog has no limit. Every track is REAL RAW AND RELEVANT, and everything the game needs right NOW!

Live Studio Interview:


Twitter: @thereal_strata

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Website: www.therealstrata.com