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Stagger – Lost In My Thoughts

Stagger – Lost In My Thoughts 8.3

Find Yourself By Getting Lost With Stagger

Stagger is a very versatile & unique rapper. From his love songs to his brag tracks, he continues to change and raise the bar for creatives. His image is very difficult to determine because of this. He has altered his outlook on the music industry and has seen recent growth in his fan base. As an independent artist, it is very difficult to stay relevant and to gain exposure, but it is all part of the grind.

His recent music video, “Lost In My Thoughts” discusses various viewpoints. Stagger mentions how he dropped music every two weeks last year, put together numerous rap shows, and networked with countless of other musicians in his come up. The video displays the struggle of trying to find yourself and embracing who you really are as a person. Stagger creates an interesting point in that you can never understand who you truly are until you find yourself to be lost.

This is his second music video of 2018. Stagger plans on releasing one more visual before his album drops this summer. ‘Cut Throat’ will be available on all streaming services 5/25/18. The 12-track album has a variety of topics and countless features.


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First thoughts we had with Stagger, was strong wordplay, and great production. This DOPE new visual called "Lost In My Thoughts". It gives you such a classic 90's vibe with the locations on the visual, and the verbal layout. With anything you do you just gotta stay consistent with your craft. We think if Stagger stay moving with this music, we can truly see BIG things. Definitely check out this DOPE new video, and tell us what you think.

Replay Value 8.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 8.2


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