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Spazz Malik – HT Trap 9

OMNi: The Tapes is a throw back to 90’s Hip Hop

The masterpiece is a collection of recordings from New Jersey’s vintage Hip Hop artist, Spazz Malik. The young MC has emerged on the mixtape circuit with a project soaring highly above the average mixtape. There’s a method to his madness; A 12 track LP, strategically and uniquely arranged in a continuous play format, with an unforgettable hand drawn portrait of the young king with an unimpressed look.

It makes sense, as he starts the record off listening to the radio, after hearing a Big L track, he declares in a haunting transitional effect that “Hip Hop is Dead Now.” It is as if the artist is telling the audience that his music is better served in a different era, before his time, among some of Hip Hop’s greatest.

Spazz tells VMG he named the album OMNi: The Tapes because he never planned on putting out a mixtape; After losing close friends he came up with, in out of jail, he was worried about his own future and making it to see 21.

“I want my presence felt even when I’m not here. OMNipresence through the tapes. OMNi: The Tapes”

Check out the video for HT Trap, directed by S. Xanden and J. Storch (Director of Photography)

Download on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and many other music services including DatPiff and Spinrilla and make “datpiff”.



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Perth Amboy, NJ

VMG Review


With The Less Becoming Of Real Rap, Hip-Hop, Or Just Plain BARS, This New Jersey Native Is Not Considered One Of Them, As He Showcases These Lack Of Talents Here On This Simple But Dope Visual. Instantly The Black And White Effect, Caught My Eye As It Already Puts You In The Mode Of Dope Work. As The Director S. Xanden Gives You A Dark But Clean Aspect. You See Spazz Malik Going Bonkers Over The Very Well Produced Track As Well. HT Trap, Can Be The Single That Takes The 12 Track LP To Higher Heights. OMNi The Tapes Is Fire As Well And Well Worth The Listen. We Co-Sign This 100%.

Replay Value9.0
Originality 9.0
Reader Rating: ( 4 votes ) 9.8



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