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Soundgine Review In 2016

Soundgine Review In 2016

The Beat Store Service

I’ve been wanted to write this review for quite some time as Soundgine has been far and away the most valuable tool I have ever used for selling my beats online. I am a seasoned music producer in the bay area and have done work for major video game, movie studios and of course beats. I don’t want to talk about myself but focus on the Soundgine service.

Soundgine is true productivity, here’s the deal, the only time I have for the day is to produce music and handle my emails. I’ve tried all the other services from custom built beat services, myflashstore, beatstars, and other similar type programs but in the end of the day I had to spend an average of 15 hours a week sorting out disputes and technical difficulties. Some of the issues were down times, other troubling issues were “lost’ payments.

I’m already paranoid of greed corporations (too much Netflix documentaries) but seriously, I don’t have time to deal with all that. All I wanted a service that knew what they were doing and weren’t stealing from me.
At a dinner I was explaining this exact topic and was told about Soundgine and how they use it, I thought why not. I got my account October 15th and waited until now (Feb 16th) to write about my experience.

Reliability: Not one time has this service been offline which is so key for me.

Integrity: I get paid, and get paid 100% of everything I earn. Soundgine doesn’t take a percentage of anything. I sold some beats on their charts and never had I to ask for my money, I get paid instantly and more important, no “missing” or “lost” sales.

Real Contact: They have a phone number contact on their website. Golden rule, if the company doesn’t list their phone number on the website, you better consider why they don’t.

Awesome Beat Players: The real reason why I’m writing this article. The players are state of the art, fast, reliable, easy for the customer to check out and has security. They have this player called the M6 and it is the best in the market, I’m talking years ahead of everybody else.

The Soundgine service and players are in a class above everyone else, finally I can do what I wake to do which is make music without the fear of company incompetence. I like that they post updates on their website so you know they are working on updates and adding new features.

Seriously, if you are looking into getting it done right the first time and being headache free, Soundgine is simply a no brainer.

JROCK (Los Angeles / Texas) Artist/Producer

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