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Soundcloud – Marketing your Music

Soundcloud – Marketing your Music

Soundcloud – Marketing your Music


How can you promote your music on Soundcloud and grow the follower and listener base for producers, DJs, and labels? SoundCloud is one of the best resources when it comes to promoting and sharing music. However, using the service for only showcasing your art is failing to maximize the full potential of SoundCloud.


Here are 10 ways you can start taking advantage of SoundCloud’s social nature to acquire an engaged audience:


  1. First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions


It is important to have a good profile page for you, your brand, logo, profile picture, and a short but to the point bio, and links to your social media profiles and website. You should ensure that your tracks make people feel something and that they aren’t too repetitive, too complicated, or hard to listen to, whatever your intention with the track might be – whether it is despair or excitement.


If you have done all that’s described above, you should consider upgrading the account to one of the Pro options. Besides the obvious benefit of having the ability to upload more music as well as premium features, it will also give you access to data, which is one of the most valuable tools that any artist can have. A Pro account will give you detailed statistics pertaining to where your music is being played from that you can use to market your music accordingly.


  1. Use SoundCloud Services


The reality is that standing out from the crowd can be hard with thousands of tracks being uploaded regularly on SoundCloud. To boost your profile, you can try buying SoundCloud plays. This is an effective way of reaching out to the audience to get the exposure that you deserve. Getting listens, shares, and likes on SoundCloud is great, but it isn’t enough to give you all that you need to survive.


Utilising SoundCloud marketing to buy plays is the perfect way to get yourself a step closer towards achieving your ultimate goals. Simply uploading your music on all social media platforms is not enough, which is why you should promote it on all the popular music platforms, SoundCloud included. Increasing the number of SoundCloud plays will not only provide an opportunity for you to get noticed but also increases your credibility too.


SoundCloud is the ideal platform for music makers to become famous and reach out to the lovers of music all over the world. Thankfully, gaining popularity on the platform is not actually hard. All you need to do is buy SoundCloud followers to help in promoting your original music if you wish to reach a global audience. The followers gained through the channel will draw more listeners to the music that you create thus giving you an edge.


To get the exposure that you want and deserve, Buy SoundCloud followers and produce excellent quality music. If used effectively, the platform can help you carve out a niche for yourself in the entertainment industry. While there are other apps/bots that promise to deliver more “advanced” functionality, it is best to avoid such.


  1. Showcase Your Latest and Best Material


People typically visit your SoundCloud profile because they want to hear your music. It is therefore important to ensure that they are listening to your best material. If you sign up for a Pro account, you can use the Spotlight feature if you wish to draw the attention of your audience towards a particular track that you would like to promote.


Spotlight lets you pin up to 5 playlists or tracks to the top of your profile to help the people that visit your profile to hear that music first, while the rest of the playlists and tracks appear in reverse chronological order. The feature is great for highlighting your singles, newest releases, or best songs.


SoundCloud recommends selecting the best tracks to put in front of the audience with the spotlight feature if you tend to produce a lot of content. The music your produce should be instantly discoverable, based on the artist name, track title, the genres and the keywords associated with it. This is why you need to tag it properly. Avoid putting any works in progress on your public SoundCloud profile until it is completely ready.


  1. Tagging


Ensure that your music is easily searchable and findable by people that search for music on the platform. The higher the number of tags your music has, the easier it will be to find and the higher the number of plays it will receive. Ideas you can use for tags for your new track include: genre tags, similar artist name; names of record labels with similar styles; other similar songs by other more popular artists; adjectives describing the mood of the song, etc.


Build your network of connections and friends. If you have real friends with other users of SoundCloud, they can help you promote the music in a variety of ways. The secret to developing real relationships is showing genuine interest and offering real value to other people instead of always thinking about how you are likely to benefit.


  1. Share on Other Platforms


SoundCloud is an important component of your social media strategy whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran. Anytime you post new material on the platform, you should be keen to post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms that your fans are actively use on a regular basis.


Sharing your SoundCloud links with fans on other social media platforms will not only help grow your plays, but fans using the platform are likely to interact with you by sharing your songs and commenting on the music. Another great way to attract attention is to perform live online.



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