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SmartGuye – 0 to 100

SmartGuye – 0 to 100

Making it out… Seems as if that’s every rappers goal these days right? But what about after you’ve already made it? Will you contribute back to what made you whom you are today?

17 years old with tons of ambition. I don’t think I could use a better description to tell you who I am. Coming from Washington, D.C. there is talent everywhere; so what makes me so different? I’ve been rapping since probably the age of nine, but I didn’t record my first track until the age of thirteen and didn’t become serious until I was almost sixteen. When any true lyricist starts off, he’s never that great, of course that also applies for myself; when I first started rapping I thought I was great, but now that I reflect on my past, the lyrical content was good, but the flow was very sloppy and boring! I have made major progression over the years and I would just like some people to come to that realization.