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Slimm Body – The Wholesale Product

Slimm Body – The Wholesale Product

Nashville, Tennessee rapper and flagship Wholesale Entertainment artist Slimm Body presents the Charles Robinson-directed video for “Baggies & Rubberbands”, the new single from his forthcoming self-titled album, produced almost entirely by Wholesale in-house producer and Chicago/Nashville-based rapper Roca. “B&R” comes on the heels of the release of the music video for “The Glow”. Establishing Wholesale Entertainment after a stint in the state penitentiary, Slimm has released six projects (The Life Of A Hustler: Inserts 1,2,& 3, two volumes of For My People, and The Whole Team Mixtape), as well as Play Loud Afterhours 1 & 2, and Humble Homage for fellow labelmates Roca and Lashawn’s Way. The Glow is the first major release showcasing the Wholesale sound, and also features production from fellow Nashville talents Drum Major as well as Ducko Mcfli, who recently co-produced Drake’s “Draft Day”. Featured artists include Mac Miller/Casey Veggies collaborator Dee Goodz, Project Pat/Young Buck collaborators Bezzeled Gang, Roach Killa, Fat Cat, Derek Meler, Chris Moore, Capp & Spudd, and label mates Fresh Legendary & Big Haz. “We created the beat just fooling around in the studio,” says Slimm. “I actually tweeted something about baggies and rubberbands a week or so before we recorded it.”


1. What’s the most important thing you want people to know about Slimm Body?

That he embodies the qualities of past greats, and that he is serious as a heart attack about his business and music.

2. You founded Wholesale Entertainment after a stint in prison. What was your experience like inside? What did you learn? How did it change you?

Growing up where I came from I always knew I’d see the pen (I don’t say that proudly either), so I wasn’t scared, my experience was actually awakening. I didn’t have any problems though. I actually received a lot of love simply from reputation of keeping it solid on the streets. I saw a lot of misguided young niggas and bitter men. I saw what not having a goal or exit strategy will get you in the long run of the street life. Luckily I got a quick second chance due to a state boot camp, and I touched down more cautious and ambitious than ever.

3. You work extensively with producer and fellow Wholesale Entertainment rep Roca. How did you guys come together? What makes you guys gel so well?

We were introduced through a mutual friend. At the time he was more serious about his beats than being an artist. We had a listening session for his beats at my apartment. During the session I played him some of my songs, and luckily he’s been a believer/participant in Wholesale Entertainment ever since, and W.E. in Roca 100 Music also. His beats are not like anything anyone has ever heard. Yeah, there are elements from the greats, but his finished products are all his own. The reason Roca and I gel so well is we both recognize real music, and that’s what we both feel we are obligated to make. It’s our common bond.

4. What’s your favorite song you’ve released so far and why?

Sorry… I don’t have one. They all have their purpose and reason for me to play them.

5. What can we expect from your forthcoming Slimm Body LP? How long did the album take? What was the recording process?

You can expect a track from every inch of the spectrum pertaining to my life, ambitions, setbacks, love. When you go into listening to this project, think of the classics. It was created in that essence. I know that’s a huge request, but I know you won’t be disappointed. This album took over a year and a half to produce, record, arrange, mix, and master. The recording process is always the same with us. Don’t force anything, make sure the beat and lyrics come natural, write with real emotion so you can lay down your vocals with a real undeniable vibe. In the music what you might think is a sample is a live instrument or vocal. W.E. put our all into this!!!


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