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SlickMick – Dance With A Car In Pattaya

SlickMick – Dance With A Car In Pattaya 7.9

SlickMick Got Hit By A Car And Lost His Memory??? CHECK HIM OUT!!!

22 year old rapper SlickMick was traveling threw Asia when he had hoped off a bus in Pattaya, Thailand coming from Siem Reap in Cambodia, as soon as he hoped off he told his mate to hold his bag he and tried crossing the road instantly getting hit by a car braking multiple bones and having hid head smash threw the windscreen causing him to have a bleed on his brain putting him in post traumatic amnesia for several months, so he lost the ability to make new MEMORIES!!! CHECK HIM OUT!!!


Social Network Links.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SlickMickTheSlickest/

Twitter – @Slickeest

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/drslickmick/


Sydney, Australia

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SlickMick Is Back And Is Giving You Another Hit Called "Dance With A Car In Pattaya". With The Australia Native He Endured A Very Dangerous Car Accident That Caused The Rapper With Multiple Injuries Including Major Bleeding On The Brain. With All That Said SlickMick Was Able To Recover From The Accident And Give His Fans Bars And Truth From His Past And Current Issues Which Causes Him To Give You Real Life Information And Knowledge That Only SlickMick Is Able To Give... Check Out The Recent Single And Tell Us What You Think...

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