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$ikario A.K.A Panemera Panama – The NY Decision

$ikario A.K.A Panemera Panama – The NY Decision

$ikario a.k.a Panemera panama is a hip hop artist/singer born in panama and raised in Brooklyn NY he has been involved in music ever since he was a kid growing up he started rapping when he was 12 years old and started writing lyrics at the age of 15 he recently started taking his craft serious 9 months ago and is taking the music industry by storm his first major accolade was coming in first place in the funk master flex freestyle contest his freestyle was moved to a elite group to be reviewed personally by funk master flex he has performed on several showcases in the NYC area one of them being for DOT events which was hosted by power 105 fm where he shot a promo video with DJ Dramos the producer of the breakfast club his recent showcase was at the all nations lounge which has given him his cable TV debut he has landed two listening sessions with major record labels one with polo A&R of Roc Nation and the other with Jeff sledge vice president of A&R for Atlantic records his music is also on all major streaming platforms he currently has been added to 72 different Playlists on Spotify which has accumulated 20k listeners and 30k streams with all platforms combined he is currently at 50k his new release MEGADON is on all streaming platforms.

VMG sat down with the NY native to see “What’s Good” and More…

1) What keeps you motivated when it comes to your music?

What keeps me motivated is making good music i know people are gonna like once i hear a good beat a hook and the verses flow naturally and boom there’s a song.


2) When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

What comes to mind is a company that cares about the artist and helping independent artist get heard basically they’re like a spokesman for indie artist.


3) Being that you are from New York, what is the state of Hip-Hop there? How would you titled your style of music?

The state of hip hop in New York is kind of stagnant right now usually the flow changes from state to state it all depends on which artist got the buzz at the moment but overall we know all the dope artist come from NY.

My style of music is diverse i rap and sing that’s why my name is $ikario aka Panemera Panama i’m a alter ego artist $ikario which means hit man in Spanish is the gritty street rapper he kills competition that’s why hes the hit-man Panemera Panama is the wavy laid back ladies man he got that drip basically both my personalities its like i could go from DMX to Drake.

4) Currently what is your favorite song to date you’ve created, and why so?

Currently my favorite song is lyrical cocaine its my favorite because it brings back the essence of hip hop bars, metaphors, and punchlines and it was produced by platinum producer NY banger they produced Casanovas “Dont Run” and Young M.A.’s “Ouuuu” so that’s a good look.

5) Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.? 

My handle is sikariodahitman that’s for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and i’m also on all streaming platforms under $ikario a.k.a Panemera Panama and i have my own website its sikariodahitman.com make sure ya’ll subscribe i do giveaways like gift cards.

6) Who are some of your influences? 

Well being from Brooklyn Biggie and Jay-Z is a no brainier lol… But i respect lyricist too like Jadakiss, Fabolous, and Nas and myself lol. I listen to my music as a fan and even i say damn how he come up with that to my own music

7) Any Last Remarks?

Yeah make sure ya’ll follow me on all social media and look for me on all streaming platforms i just dropped a single called MEGADON it’s a remix of Nicki Minaj “Megatron” its on all streaming platforms it just dropped 4th of July its fire go check it out.




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