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Shamir – The Brooklyn Soul

Shamir – The Brooklyn Soul

Shamir is a Pop and R&B Sensation born September 3rd, in Brooklyn, NY. He is not only a singer but also an actor, dancer, musician, model, producer and song-writer. His unique sound “Pop Kompa” is a product of his influences which are Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Tupac Shakur, Usher, Chris Brown, Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Craig David, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Richard Cave and many more. VMG sat down with Shamir to find out why he is turning into “The Brooklyn Soul” of New York.

1.Is “Shamir” your actual government? Was it a reason why you choose to use that name as your stage name?

Yeah, Shamir is my actual government. It’s my middle name… and I chose Shamir because it’s such a unique name and stands out from the rest, which is really important to me because my image is all about being different and standing out. The name Shamir has this swag to it and sounds cool…It’s smooth…lol.

2. What separates you from other artists? What is it that you know about yourself as an artist that makes you different?

This is a really well constructed question. I can say on my behalf for the most part that my vision and my image are completely different from a lot of other artists around me in my horizon. My vision is unique and I want to brand myself differently in this new generation/era where the essence of music has decreased immensely. What also separates me from a lot of other artists is me branding myself as not only a singer songwriter, but a musician. My mannerisms and speech are very important as well. My grammar and vocabulary serve importance to me as an artist and reflect on my character.

3. What are some of your current accomplishments? What are you hoping to achieve outside of your music? What else do you hope transpires from your music?

Some of my accomplishments are being the president of the singing club at Nassau Community College. I won 1st place in their competition 2 years in a row. I also auditioned for X-factor which was a great experience. I performed in many different plays in high school because I act as well, and won 1st place 3 years in a row for some piano recitals. I was Mr. Molloy at Molloy College, winning their talent show and some prizes, and was also featured in their newspaper. Outside of my music I do hope to create my own business, create a clothing line as well as merchandise, and grow an empire that I can leave as a legacy for my family. Id hope that different experiences in my life transpire me to write more and express my emotion through the music.

4. What inspired you to become an artist?

I can honestly say that my Uncle Erol and Father who is my manager have brought major influence to me becoming the artist I am today. These are the two men that believed I had what it takes from the moment I first performed at 6 years of age. I grew up listening to all types of music, and always saw myself singing in front of large crowds, and most importantly, changing lives and inspiring the youth. Watching the best of the best such as Michael Jackson influenced me tremendously to wanna be the best that I can possibly be to my capability as a musician and entertainer. When I was young, singing and writing were always my personal coping skills to get through any troubled time I had. As I grew older, I realized that the artist life was made for me because everything that pertains to music came to me naturally.

5. Have you incorporated other genres such as pop or rock in your music?

Absolutely. My sound of music is all-embracing. Interesting to say, I use pop, rock, and many other genres of music to create the sound I have formulated for myself.

6. When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

It makes me think of a group pertaining to something rare… something marvelous, superior, unique… something that can be considered classical and will carry on a legacy.

7. Are there any rumors you would like to clear up?

Absolutely not. I have no issues with anybody!

8. Who are some of your influences?

Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Craig David, Tupac Shakur, Christina Aguilera, Marvin Gaye, Ariana Grande, Pink Floyd, U2, Whitney Houston, Charlie Wilson… The list goes on and on.

9. What can we expect from “Shamir” this year? Or in other words, coming up soon?

Look out for a ton of more new entertaining videos on my Instagram and YouTube, and also save this date !! July 25th is my album release party !! Shout outs to the #ShamirMuzik Team baby !!

10. When I saw the music video to “Souke DaDa” I personally was impressed and love the whole concept of the visual, what steps were taken to create this?

This story is so interesting. My father and I were at my friend’s studio one day and in the middle of a session, and he said to me that he has an idea. So we literally left my friend’s studio and went back to my home where I have my own studio, and he told me what Idea he had in mind. He explained to me what vision he has for the song, and I paid close attention. In a couple of hours, the song was done. I pitched the song to my video director and he came up with his marvelous intuition of ideas for the video and there you have it. Team work makes the dream work. Souke Dada on youtube everybody, go check it out !!

11. What does the word “Vintage” means to you?

To me, it means marvelous success, history, classics, rare…

12. Outside of the music, are you involved or working on anything?

Aside being a young man living in his 20’s, staying in shape, and being productive, Music is my life and everything to me. I couldn’t go a day without it if I tried.

13. Being that you are from Brooklyn, New York what is the state of music there? How would you titled your style of music?

The music that mainly encompasses people in Brooklyn is Hip hop/rap as well as R&B. However, me on the other hand, I’m into everything and have finally created my own Genre. I call it Pop-Konpa !!

14. Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

Follow me on social media:
Instagram: @ShamirMuzik
Twitter: @ShamirMuzik
Facebook: Shamir ShamirMuzik Mauzoul

15. Any Last Remarks?

I’m nothing without my fans, friends, family, support, and God most of all. I appreciate this interview and I appreciate you giving me the time of day. Thank you for interviewing me, and keep a lookout for ShamirMuzik. I’m looking to impact the world with my vision. With my team, we will make this vision blossom and come true. Just wait on it. Much #Love and #Blessings.



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