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Sawyer – Soul City

Sawyer – Soul City

“The Next Dope Hit”

Just two years ago, the NJ based independent label Dope Hitz Entertainment landed 2 singles on the Digital D.J. Top-50 Pop Singles chart. Ria Adams’ Another Boy peaked at #47 and her follow up Lucy, rose to #25 on Christmas Day. But the music business can be tough for the smaller independent labels. Just ask Dope Hitz Entertainment. Since then, Ria Adams has moved on to the majors (Warner Music Canada) and none of their artists have hit any mainstream music charts since…. Well Dope Hitz Entertainment is back! The latest project is a pop/rock band named “Sawyer”. Their debut EP “Soul City Live” is awesome and is guaranteed to make Dope Hitz Entertainment a household name in the near future. Do yourself a favor and listen to the entire EP @ www.sawyersoulmusic.com.

“This is the best record of the year!”  -Act/One Magazine



Check Out The EP:  https://sawyersoulmusic.com/listen-to-soul-city-live-ep


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