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Sabrina Petrini – A Rockstar With Swag

Sabrina Petrini – A Rockstar With Swag

Sabrina Petrini recently released a music video to her song “Fade Away.” It was directed by James RW Hiatt and shot by Jose D Rodriguez and choreographed by Stixx. “Fade Away” tells a story with some pop rap and a edgy melodic chorus making no confusions about what Sabrina stands for. She’s a strong female and she’s here to stay – she’s no pushover. She sends a message telling you to be you.

as previously interviewed by our staff we here at VMG are blessed to have Ms. Sabrina Petrini sit down with us.

1) What are the stages in your writing process?

I usually write in my car or while I’m working out. For some reason my mind comes up with lyrics and melodies during those moments. And after that I either take it to the piano and work on it or send it over to one of my producers and start creating tracks.

2) What do you think of your earlier music, and what progress has came from then to now?

Life is life and full of experiences that mold us in to who we are every day. Every single project I have done has given me a tool to be able to continue with the next one. Being in a band I got a bigger understanding for arrangement and live music. Being with dancers I got a different view on stage movement. And today I am putting all of that together.

3) What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?

My career has no ending. When I’m dead I have hopefully inspired people and been inspired by people. That’s what life is about.

4) With your most recent music video “Fade Away”, can you give us some details on how you came up with that song?

One of my producers Dechard sent me the track over when I was at Starbucks editing my music video “Fucking In Love.” And during the car ride home I started singing the chorus. I think the words “No I’ll never fade away” was a result of my process in the moment of saying I am here, I am staying. I am learning and I am exploring how much more I have to give.

5) Where can your fans & supporters find you online? Via Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

instagram: @sabrinapetrini facebook.com/iamsabrinapetrini

6) Any Last Remarks?

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Los Angeles, CA