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S.T.OH Tha Kidd – Schemin

S.T.OH Tha Kidd – Schemin

Back at it again bringing you another street banger we have up and coming rap artist S.T.OH Tha Kidd with his newest release titled “Schemin.” This song is a release off his long anticipated mixtape Titled “Mobb Music” due to drop this summer. S.T.OH has been on and off the rap radar for the past few years but with hit it is sure to land him back on the radar and well on his way to the top. By way of Warren OH, nicknamed “Warr city” due to its harsh environments and gang violence, S.T.OH uses this song to capture the essence of his reality growing up in a poverty stricken and violence riddled area. “As a upcoming artist in my city it’s very hard because everybody want to make it out, but nobody want to see anybody else make it out if they can’t you feel me? People will frame you, rob you, and diss you all as a mean to assassinate your character” says S.T.OH. Adding “So with this song I wanted to show people the world through my eyes and what I go through on a day to day just being young in a great position to succeed.” This son is a real street banger and with it’s hardcore lyrics and clever punchlines its safe to say he has got his point across and in very convincing fashion.


Warren, OH