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Ryan Rinauro Is Plotting To Take Over

Ryan Rinauro Is Plotting To Take Over

Ryan comes from a small town outside of Sacramento. Shingle Springs, CA.
He fell in love with hip-hop at the age of 9 when he first heard 50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”. Shortly after, then falling into the likes of Ludacris, Eminem, and Jay-Z. All of that influence launched his musical endeavor starting to write music and rapping over songs that already had lyrics to them. Leading him at the age of 14 to start recording at home after is mom bought some studio equipment for his birthday. Ryan now is prominent in his songwriting presenting you with a flow that will set the whole rap game into a frenzy.

The music industry isn’t ready for what is coming from Ryan Rinauro. He has California written all over him. His lyricism dives into an East Coast cadence and a West Coast melodic flow that gets the whole rap game fans going crazy over his music.

“Mark My Words” flows just right from his strong demeanor, catchy and relatable lyricism, and smooth, comforting instrumentations. The entire production is well crafted from start to finish. It’s the type of song that would play in an intense scene in a television show and you need to search it up to download onto your music playlists.

Listen to the words. Ryan Rinauro isn’t playing around when it comes to his future and the people surrounding him anymore. Life passes us in a blink of an eye and he understands that the hustle and determination he has is important to get to where he wants to be in life.

Stream Ryan Rinauro’s music for some motivation on all streaming platforms. It’s definitely worth it.

Additional Media: music.apple.com/us/artist/ryan-rinauro/1489048782


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Sacramento, CA

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