Home Talent Romeo M “Is A Hot Upcoming Artist With A Huge International Buzz”

Romeo M “Is A Hot Upcoming Artist With A Huge International Buzz”

Romeo M “Is A Hot Upcoming Artist With A Huge International Buzz”

Romeo is a well developed music artist. He has contributed to some of the most outstanding performances in the world. He has shown his diversity of his music skills. He has done this by creating some of the most well developed music videos, content, performances in the world. Romeo M. has won some great awards. He won an award for “The Hapa Prestigious Award Hollywood 2017” He was the winner. He won the award for “outstanding Male Artist” He is positioned to perform for some huge events. Some of those huge events are “Pre Grammy Events” He will be performing at the Pre Grammy Party called “The Soiree” In NY this month. This is huge. Not many artists are able to perform at such events. So that tells us that he is far advanced than your typical performer.

Rome M. has hit the Top 40 Charts. He is in search of a larger audience for his music. He is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is loved by many there. He has arrived here in North America to live his dream of becoming one of the most influential music artists in the world, and to perform for some of the biggest events in America. He has a huge audience international. He is considered a mainstream artist in Africa. He has some amazing members of his team that perform some great shows with him. He not only can do music well, but his dance skills are so phenomenal. He brings the audience a great performance. He incorporates dancing into his performances and the quality of his shows is on another level. You can see clearly that he is far beyond your normal music artist. He has performed at some huge festivals in South Africa. In which the style of music was called “Afro” or “World Hip Hop”

Rome M hot new single named “Tracker Love” was his first single he has released here in the USA. This song is a beautiful illustration of love. The song shows how with true love you can keep a good eye out for your love one. You can track your lover in a whole another level, to show your concern for them and happiness and joy you obtain from that love. Romeo M. is a total package. He brings the fire to the flame with music. He shows us over and over that he was made for this and that this is his true passion.



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Currently Lives In NY, Originally From South Africa


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