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RobOlu – Day Away

RobOlu – Day Away

With his first single “Day Away”, RobOlu, delivers the opening track to his next project “The Wayve” . In this cut RobOlu appoints in house production from Great Gwami (@greatgwami) as he spits a very transparent and intimate verse. With this track RobOlu, gives the audience a thorough look into his recent trials and tribulations with lines like ” Have you ever sold a point 5 for 8? To put 5 in the tank, Keep 3 incase you need a bite to eat.” RobOlu is a hard worker and wants to see his whole pack doing greater things. In the outro of this single he explains how he’s never trying to ride with a AK, just wishes to perform on the same stages with his family, and while he and everyone else may be “grinding” Rob’s hustle and their hustle don’t reap the same benefits or losses. Please take a listen below and enlighten a friend or colleague to know your greatest world’s desire can be attained if you wake up and stop “Sleeping the Day Away”.