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Robes & Snapbacks – The New Version Of Classy Hip-Hop

Robes & Snapbacks – The New Version Of Classy Hip-Hop

The New Style ?! Robes & Snapbacks – Matthew C. Martino

With the fashion world continuing to expand and evolve around the ever changing trends it’s no surprise that AllStar Matthew C. Martino has successfully made wearing a robe and a Snapback somewhat of a style.

The 22 year old UK based film executive debuted the look a few months back on Twitter before releasing more images of himself in the trendy new look which should surely be a big hit at the ‘high society clubs’ where wearing a robe is a must and we are sure the King Of Robes Hugh Hefner would approve of the adaptation that young Martino has brought along.

For those who fantasize about living a life like Hugh Hefner, a plush robe is a must. Apparently Hugh has set quite a trend, as many major designers offer robes in various styles. The robe is not only a bed time dress code but can be used as lounge wear and for those extravagant night ins. 

We are sure Martino will be purchasing a new robe to celebrate his YOPEY nod, he has been nominated for Essex Young People Of The Year for his charity works and philanthropy under his charity MMBF Trust.


Credits: Greg Hodges